Australian History

Cookies Australia is proudly 100% Australian owned and serves Mrs. Fields treats through a network of independently owned franchise stores. Most Mrs. Fields baked products are made from Debbi’s secret recipe’s, however are manufactured right here in Australia before they are baked in store.

Whilst the core products originated in the United States, many things have been customised over the years to ensure the experience is relevant to the Australian customer.  The most significant addition was the introduction of barista style espresso coffee in 1998, made from an exclusive blend of freshly roasted beans.

Other differences include a unique store design and layout to suit Australian shopping centres and customers, most with extra seating for enjoying a coffee and cookie combo. After growing slowly through out the 1990’s Cookies Australia was acquired by new owners Debbie and Andrew Benefield in October 2006.

Since then a number of new products have appeared along with many more stores.

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