Mrs. Fields raises $5,500 for Barnardos Gifts for Kids program this Christmas

Mrs. Fields recently partnered with Barnardos Gifts for Kids program for their ‘Moments Made Better Weekend’ fundraiser that aimed to help support thousands of children suffering abuse,
neglect and homelessness around our nation. The promotion, which swept through stores across Australia on the 28 and 29 November, saw Mrs. Fields raise $5,500 by donating 50 cents from every
soft baked cookie sold. “On behalf of everyone at Barnardos Australia, I would like to thank both Mrs. Fields and their customers who bought cookies in support of Barnardos Gifts for Kids. We are extremely grateful for your generosity,” says Manisha Amin, Marketing Director, Barnardos Australia.
“Christmas is a joyful time for most of us, but for the thousands of Australian children affected by abuse, neglect, poverty and homelessness it is a painful reminder of everything they don’t
have. This contribution from Mrs. Fields will help Barnardos Australia buy gifts for thousands of vulnerable children. These gifts will give these children Christmas cheer, and most
importantly bring them hope,“ adds Amin.

Mrs. Fields set a target to sell 10,000 cookies over the ‘MomentsMade Better Weekend’. With the help of generous customers, stores cracked the target and managed to sell a total of 10,087
treats. “We are proud of our ongoing support and partnership with Barnardos Gifts for Kids. It goes to show that no matter how small donations may be, they can a big difference to a child in need
this Christmas,” states Andrew Benefield, CEO, Mrs. Fields.
To help Australian children in need this Christmas, donate to Barnardos Gifts for Kids here
For more information on Mrs. Fields, call on (02) 9472 8555 or visit

December 2015

Mrs. Fields celebrates International Chocolate Chip Day

We know Australia is a land of chocolate chip cookie lovers. In 2014, Mrs. Fields Cookies sold over 350,000 Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies alone. With around 43 chocolate chips per cookie, that works out to over 15 million chocolate chips!
This May, Mrs. Fields is encouraging Aussies to ‘Make a Moment Better’ and celebrate all things chocolate chip on Friday, May 15 as part of International Chocolate Chip Day and its National Cookie Weekend (May 15-17).
The Mrs. Fields National Cookie weekend will be held across all of its stores nationally and its world favourite signature soft baked cookies will be available for a special price of $1.99 each (RRP$2.95).
Mrs. Fields cookies first came to life in 1977, and, still to this day are made using a top secret recipe. Mrs. Fields was the brainchild of Debbi Fields, who, to find the right balance of sweet and semi-sweet chocolate, customised her own chocolate, which explains part of that unique Mrs. Fields chocolate chip taste.
“National Cookie Weekend is about making a moment better by treating yourself or someone else to one of our delicious signature soft baked cookies,” said Andrew Benefield, Managing Director, Mrs. Fields Australia.
“We pride ourselves on our cookies being baked in store every day. To help celebrate all things chocolate chip and cookies, we encourage customers to upload the funniest photo of them enjoying one of our signature chocolate chip cookies to Instagram, tag @mrsfieldsau and #nationalcookieweekend for their chance to win one of five cookie cakes – that’s 14” of pure cookie goodness!”
Some fun facts on chocolate chips:
• Chocolate chips were initially invented to use in cookies
• Mrs. Fields signature chocolate chip cookies contain more chocolate than flour
• The world’s biggest chocolate chip cookie weighed 40,000lbs and had a diameter of 30.7m and was made by the Immaculate Baking Company in Flat Rock, North Carolina, USA on May 17 2003
• Mrs. Fields Brisbane Myer Centre sold 2,000 cookies over its 2014 National Cookie Weekend
• National Cookie Weekend 2014 saw over 15,000 cookies sold across its network of stores in Australia
Mrs. Fields stores are located throughout New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, and South Australia. For more information, visit or call (02) 9472 8555.
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May 2015

Moments Made Better by Mrs. Fields

With a new look to its stores, and new menu items, Mrs. Fields is changing the way we stop to take time out of our busy schedules and enjoy a quiet moment to ourselves.
Over the past three years, Mrs. Fields has been busy behind the scenes undertaking a broad analysis of the brand which has included identifying the customers of the future and introducing and enhancing its product range. It has also redesigned its packaging; introduce new equipment and menus to its range of kiosks across Australia.
In order to stay ahead of its competition, and to continue to incorporate its tagline ‘Moments Made Better’ and create a unique customer experience, the Mrs. Fields team is constantly looking for ways to evolve and offer its customers not only variety but also great tasting quality products.
“We’ve done extensive market research into what our customers want, what works, what doesn’t work and we’ve compiled all the feedback, the results speak for themselves – exciting new menu items and a total makeover of all our stores,” explains Andrew Benefield, Managing Director, Mrs. Fields.
“Our philosophy is about making our customers feel good through simple, special moments regardless of the occasion. Whether it’s a treating and spending some time with the kids, or enjoying a quiet blissful moment to yourself, our aim is for the freshly baked aromas and mouth watering treats to provide a heart warming and memorable experience to all our customers.”
Since the start of the year, Mrs. Fields has introduced a range of new cookie flavours for those who love chocolate but want to try something a little different to the traditional milk or dark chocolate cookie. The Strawberry Cheesecake and Cranberry and White Chocolate cookies were bought back due to popular demand, and the Red Velvet Cookie was riding the wave of the red velvet craze, giving its customers everything they love about the red velvet flavour profile but in a cookie form.
It also has expanded its menu to include a Nutella Toastie, a rich Hot Brownie Sundae and soon to launch warm Cinnamon Snickerdoodle Toast served with a Hot Spiced Apple Cyder – something which will be unique to Mrs. Fields, and currently not offered by any of its competitors.
“We have over 50 potential new products in development, and while many may not make it to market the most successful are often the old favourites, with a twist that meets a current trend,” explains Benefield.
Throughout 2015, Mrs. Fields will also finalise the conversion of the remaining 12 Cookie Man stores which have been earmarked to be converted to Mrs. Fields. “In today’s retail environment, you need a menu that meets the needs of customers’ across every trading hour, which in most of our locations spans from breakfast to a pre dinner or movie snack” explained Benefield. The extensive customer research highlighted that the Mrs. Fields brand would support a wider range of quality brands than the very specific Cookie Man.”
In addition, Mrs. Fields will open another four Greenfield locations across the country, expanding its network of kiosks to 50, with a goal to have 90 by 2025.
“In terms of what’s next, we’re remaining focused on what is important, which is delivering delicious home style products with a bit of a modern twist,” explains Benefield.
Mrs. Fields stores are located throughout New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, and South Australia. For more information, visit or call (02) 9472 8555.
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June 2015

Making Plenty of Moments in 2014

At Mrs. Fields it is all about making the moment better for customers with a warm chewy cookie, and in 2014 they plan to make that moment better for a lot more customers with an expansion of the outstandingly successful new Mrs. Fields Bakery Cafe. However, unlike many other chains the growth will come as much internally as by adding new locations.

“In mid 2011 our customers told us that our stores were too sterile and cold. To them they certainly did not fit the comforting home style baked cookies associated with Mrs. Fields” commented Chief Cookie and CEO, Andrew Benefield. “They also told us a balanced diet did not exist solely of a cookie in each hand, and that they needed a little variety”

So began a long process of completely redesigning a Mrs. Fields store and sourcing new products to compliment the traditional soft baked cookies. The first new Mrs. Fields Bakery Cafe opened twelve months later in August 2012 . “Like anything new we have learnt along the way and made plenty of changes, but with the four original trial stores all showing double digit sales growth in the first half of this financial year, we are now ready to fully roll out the new concept” continued Benefield.

First targets are upgrades to existing Mrs. Fields stores with a further ten of these either recently completed or planned for this year. The new look concept will also be offered to franchisee’s of the groups sister brand Cookie Man, with several already converted to Mrs. Fields and others looking to upgrade. “We think the Mrs. Fields Bakery Cafe is a much better, more rounded business model for franchisees, so it makes sense that all our franchisees have the option to convert and upgrade.” There will be also be new store openings in selected locations throughout 2014, with two already confirmed in Western Australia and New South Wales.

By the end of 2014 the chain plans to have 38 Mrs. Fields locations, of which over half will be in the new Bakery Cafe look and feel. However whilst the image of the store is important to the moment, it is all about the cookie and the company has some exciting plans for the worlds’ favourite Chocolate Chip Cookie in 2014.

Mrs. Fields smashes 100,000 Cookies Barrier for Charity

 Mrs. Fields Australia’s pledge to giveaway 100,000 cookies to charitable causes throughout November and December has exceeded all expectations, in both charity demand and cookies donated.

The initiative, which was facilitated through a specially designed app on the Mrs. Fields Australia Facebook page, was met with an overwhelming response from charity and school groups around the country since launching at the beginning of November. The huge response to the initiative has resulted in more cookies being given away than what was originally proposed.

Final figures reveal that over November and December, Mrs. Fields have donated 118, 950 cookies – over 18,000 more cookies than originally intended.

“What has been most gratifying about this whole experience has been the wonderful stories that have emerged about how the cookies have been used”, said Debbie Benefield, who with her husband and Australian managing director Andrew was behind the initiative. “From fundraising events, special treats for those less fortunate, stalls set up on street corners, the reports emerging really encapsulate the charitable spirit that is so important to many people during the festive season.”

“I have been so impressed with all the people out there who are doing great things for others. We would definitely look at doing a donation like this again”, added Benefield.

Cam, a six-year old boy from Victoria used his share of the cookies to raise $564 to help some of the most disadvantaged children in Victoria. Sylvia, a music teacher of 45 years gave the cookies to her students, many of who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, upon her retirement. Variety, the Children’s Charity used the cookies to reward the runners in their recent Santa Fun Run. Westmead Hospital ran a fundraising initiative with their share of the cookies, raising over $5,000 for their Nurses scholarship program.

With countless more stories just like these ones, the Mrs. Fields Australia Facebook page has become a testament to all those people whose good will is truly inspiring!

For all media enquiries please contact Nat Miller at umm..communications on (02) 8399 0411/0419 424 501.

21st December 2012

Free Cookie Giveaway sparks a huge amount of interest!

Mrs. Fields put fundraisers, functions, charities, schools, non for profit organisations and potential franchisees on alert after announcing that they will be donating 100,000 free cookies in the months of November and December 2012.

In what is to believed to be “the biggest free cookie drive Australia has ever seen” gourmet cookie franchise Mrs Fields took applications for donations of their famous cookies via social media, on their Facebook page (Mrs Fields Australia) and the response has been truly overwhelming.

“The response to this initiative has been absolutely overwhelming. There are so many people out there doing wonderful things for great causes and we are very happy that we are able to help them out. If only we had a million cookies to giveaway!” said Debbie Benefield of Mrs. Fields Australia.

The cookies which retail for up to $2.95 each in a Mrs Fields franchise have been taken by a range of groups from local school fundraiser and large charity organisations, such as the Starlight Foundation, Variety the Children’s Charity and Barnardo’s Australia. The Children’s Hospital at Westmead fundraised on site for a nurse’s scholarship programme and raised over $5,000.

To take part, visit the Mrs Fields Australia Facebook page and the specially designed “Dip into the cookie jar” Facebook app. There will be a registration process and then your application will be reviewed by a Mrs Fields franchisee.

30th November 2012

Mrs. Fields Australia donate 100,000 Cookies to your cause!

The call has been put out to reputable Australian registered charities, causes, schools and non-for-profit organisations – If you have a fundraiser or function in November or December that could benefit from the charitable sale or use of some cookies, Mrs. Fields have a donation of 100,000 cookies to share in!

In what could be the “biggest free cookie drive the country has seen”, Mrs. Fields in Australia are now taking applications for donations of their famous cookies via their Facebook page, Mrs. Fields Australia.

“Maybe your school is fundraising for a library extension, your son’s footy club needs new jerseys or you need to provision your solo row to New Zealand! If so we want to hear from you,” said the managing director for Mrs. Fields Australia, Andrew Benefield.

“These cookies retail for up to $2.95 each in a Mrs. Fields store, so here is a chance to tap into a share of almost $300,000 worth. Whether you grab a gold coin donation or give them away to add value to your next promotion it’s up to you, tell us on your application and we’ll asses each separately.”

For this chance to share in the 100,000 cookies for charitable use, all you have to do is visit the Mrs Fields Australia Facebook page and specially designed “Dip into the Cookie Jar” Facebook app, and register your name, organisation, reason for the cookie donation and the November or December date of your fundraiser/function. Your application will then be assessed and if it fits within the guidelines, you will be notified of your successful application.

Applications at, minimum and maximum orders, pick up and delivery conditions apply.

For media enquiries please contact Leigh Boin at umm.. communications on (02) 8399 0411 or 0408 112 945

29th October 2012


Creating 50, 000 Smiles

The taste of a soft chewy chocolate chip cookie never fails to put smiles on faces, from the first bite, to the last delicious crumb.

In an effort to put a smile on as many faces as possible, major cookie retailers Mrs. Fields and Cookie Man have joined forces to declare the first weekend in May to be “National Cookie Weekend”.

Now everyone can indulge in a soft baked cookie of their choice for only $1.99 at participating stores.  That is up to 30% of their normal retail price!!

“It just seems like there are not as many smiling faces out and about these days,” said Managing Director of Mrs. Fields Australia, Andrew Benefield. “so we joined forces with Cookie Man to declare a National Cookie Weekend.  Many of our stores have held these special days individually over recent years, selling as many as 1000 cookies each weekend.  So with a combined network of 62 stores we aim to sell over 50,000 cookies in one weekend.  That is an extra 50,000 Smiles!!”

Whilst representatives from either company will argue about who has the best cookie, it is the customers who win on National Cookie Weekend, indulging in warm chewy cookies made from only the finest ingredients.  And between the two brands there are plenty of flavours to choose from, be it Mrs. Fields world famous Chocolate Chip Cookie renowned for having more chocolate than flour, or the White Chocolate and Raspberry or Sticky Date Indulgent Cookies from Cookie Man.

There is a Cookie Man or Mrs. Fields store located in most major shopping centres in every key Australian city, so visit their websites for specific details of a location near you.

You won’t miss participating stores, just look for all the balloons, posters and most importantly the “smiling” faces.

Major Changes in Coffee Rewarded

For the third year in a row, Mrs. Fields has excelled in the annual CSR Sugar Golden Bean roaster competition, despite making major changes to their coffee program in 2011.

Andrew Benefield, Managing Director of Mrs. Fields Australia, couldn’t be happier with the result.

“Coffee is one of the best accompaniments to our range of sweet treats. Australians are some of the most sophisticated coffee consumers in the world, so we are committed to providing them with the best coffee possible.”

During the last year, Mrs. Fields broke its relationship with Melbourne based Daily Roast and moved coffee roasting in-house to its own facility in Sydney. They retained the consulting services of World Champion barista judge Justin Metcalf to keep an eye on the program under the capable services of master coffee roaster, Leigh Collien, and Yvette Schroeder, barista coach.

“We also implemented more training for our baristas in store, and are reaping the rewards of our Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee training programs, based on the national training framework”, said Benefield.

This year’s award reflected these commitments, with the Mrs. Fields blend winning a bronze medal in the competitive Milk Based Coffee (franchise chain) category. The prestigious competition has grown rapidly, and had more than 1000 entries in 2011. It is not only the premier coffee roasting event in Australia, but one of the largest in the world.

At the start of 2011, the team also presented their coffee offer at the Mrs. Fields conference in Las Vegas, resulting in contracts to supply new Mrs. Fields markets in Pakistan and China. They are now the preferred coffee supply partner for Mrs. Fields internationally and will export to more countries this year as the brand expands globally.

For more information on Mrs. Fields, or to find your nearest Mrs. Fields store, go to
For media enquiries, contact Alison Jefferies on (02) 9998 4800

Tantilise your mother with Mrs. Fields

The perfect stress-free gift for Mother’s Day this year comes in your choice of Chewy Fudge, Chocolate Chips, Caramel Classic and more! Mrs. Fields is making the daunting task of finding that ‘just right’ gift a cinch with their personalised cookie cakes. So why not thank Mum in a truly delicious and satisfying way this year with a cookie?

Mrs. Fields knows there is a lot at stake when celebrating the uniqueness of Mothers… So treat her to something with a special touch and decorate a Mrs. Fields Cookie Cake in a personalised style using meaningful designs and motifs. All Mrs. Fields cookies are prepared using traditional baking methods and the finest wholesome ingredients. Free of artificial colours, flavours and trans fats, keeping Mum feeling guilt free on this special day just got easier.

Be the first to order your Mother’s Day Cookie Cake before May 8th and secure the spot as Mum’s number one. With so many cookie flavours and bases, including chewy fudge, white chocolate macadamia and classic chocolate chip, Mrs. Fields is the perfect way to say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ this year.

Personalised Mother’s Day Cookie Cake from RRP $36.95 (single layer)