Nov 14, 2022Data Q Agency

Did you know that our Mrs. Fields coffee is individually roasted to ensure that we have full control of the resting time to be able to deliver our coffee to each store at it’s peak drinking stage?

We import our beans from the world’s most advanced harvests including Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia and India.

The coffee is first tested at the harvest farms by local farmers and then it makes it’s way via Q graders, who are accredited coffee cuppers and then finally tested by our very own Mrs. Fields Master Roaster.

At Mrs. Fields, we only deal directly with the importers to guarantee that the coffee is always fresh and at the highest standard as all coffee should be.

Our green coffee is roasted to the perfect colour to ensure the tastebuds are left tingling and a great coupling with our signature cookies or decadent sweets.

Each cup of coffee is expected to embody a flavour profile that is a medium-dark roast with mild acidity complimented by a chocolatey caramel a smooth finish. Our Master Roaster also personally cups each batch after a roast to affirm consistency and flavour.

For those who love the taste of coffee but don't require the caffeine, we also offer a decaffeinated option that is 100% chemical free whilst using the Swiss Water method.

For those who prefer a hot beverage that isn't coffee, we also have our organic range of teas, mouth-watering hot chocolates and our creamy chai range made by our experienced baristas in store for you to enjoy.

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Nov 14, 2022