In 1977, cookie pioneer Debbi Fields wasn’t trying to create the gourmet cookie boom, she was simply impassioned about making the best quality and tastiest oven fresh cookie possible. It was all about taking control of her life. So, Debbi Fields, a young mother with no
business experience, opened her first cookie store in Palo Alto, California in 1977.

They told her she was crazy. No business could survive just selling cookies. However, with humble beginnings, Debbi set up her company, Mrs. Fields, which became the premier chain of cookie stores around the world offering an indulgent treat time and time again. Debbi is no longer directly associated with the company but continues to be an icon in business across the world. Her motto remains with the company “Good Enough Never Is” reflecting our uncompromising dedication to our customer’s experience. 

We accomplish this by delivering the highest quality cookies, muffins, brownies and other fresh baked goodies.

Cookies Australia Pty Limited is the Australian Master Franchisee for Mrs. Fields Famous Brands LLC USA. Cookies Australia is proudly 100% Australian owned and serves Mrs. Fields exclusive product range, through their network of independently owned franchised stores.

Mrs. Fields cookies and brownies are made from Debbi Fields’ secret original recipes, however, all our products are manufactured right here in Australia and are baked fresh in-store.

Today there are over 300 Mrs. Fields locations around the world.

Mrs. Fields Bakery Cafés are conveniently located in over 30 locations around Australia.

Our cookies are different because they are:


Made with real butter, whole eggs and natural vanilla

A secret recipe

Baked fresh daily

Order Instore and Online


Savoury, Sweet & Coffee


The Perfect Sweet Gift

Mrs. Fields Café Bakery is a well-rounded business, with a range of easy to prepare products, designed to meet our customers’ demands across the entire day, from early morning, breakfast, lunch - to an evening treat.

Apart from a great range of unique products, exclusive to Mrs. Fields and enjoyed by customers all over the world, our award-winning Mrs. Fields Coffee Blend is specifically designed to meet the taste requirements of all coffee enthusiasts.