6 Tips For Opening Your Own Mrs. Fields Bakery Cafe

6 Tips For Opening Your Own Mrs. Fields Bakery Cafe

Mar 13, 2020admin

Opening a franchise is a great way to start your own business and put it on a firm footing from the beginning. With a franchise, you're not building from the ground up. Instead, you have a trusted name behind you and help in setting up your business.

Mrs. Fields is a well-known name in the franchised business. In business for more than 40 years and associated with iconic cookies (and delightful scents!), Mrs. Fields is a great choice for motivated and energetic franchise owners.

  1. Choose a Location

Location is everything no matter what kind of business you're opening. Foot traffic is important, and with a Mrs. Fields, you're getting a bonus: smells.

Not only can you grab foot traffic by sight, but you'll attract visitors who follow the scent of premium ingredients baked into freshly baking cookies. All you need is a place where people tend to gather.

Places to Consider

There are a few styles of Mrs. Fields to choose from, so it's important to think about where you'll be located and balance premium placing with cost. Mrs. Fields stores are traditionally located:

  • Shopping centres
  • Outlet centres
  • Transit locations
  1. Invest Wisely

One of the advantages of choosing Mrs. Fields is the lower initial cost of investment. While other franchises may hit you with huge fees just to get started, Mrs. Fields in Australia is currently charging no franchise fee for newly built Mrs. Fields locations so you can get your business off the ground quickly.

Use the savings to invest wisely marketing in the general area, and taking time to carefully vet and train employees. The right advertising and trained, professional staff will help to make your investment a success.

  1. Take Advantage of the Support Team

Mrs. Fields comes with a dedicated, field-based support team offering coaching, education, consulting, and training help. They can teach you about best-in-class business practices, advise you on ongoing marketing strategies, and help you learn how to engage with your community.

Take advantage of all that Mrs. Fields offers: after all, that's one of the key reasons to choose a franchise over building a business from scratch! Mrs. Fields has worked hard, developing it's franchise model. Invest in the financial and business coaching available from this brand to maximise your success.

Some of What You'll Learn

As you consult with the experts at Mrs. Fields, you'll learn how to identify the employees that will help you succeed, how to draw customers away from the competition ethically, and how to keep a healthy work/life balance even as you build your business. You'll also get business and financial coaching from experts in small business.

  1. Keep That Paperwork Organised

No one loves paperwork, but it's essential to your business. You have to take control of documents, so you have what you need at your fingertips.

Build a System

There are many ways to get organised, but you need a system that works for you. Your first step is to set up a document management system by creating rules for each type of document you need, like invoices, business letters, sales brochures, balance sheets, etc.

This system should determine where each of these items is located and set up a template for each, so they always read the same and are easy to sort.

Decide on Storage

Storage is about more than just having a place to stuff papers. Remember that your storage system setup can save you time; or waste it. A sensible system makes it easy for you to find what you need. A poor system just makes it harder. Where will you put documents, and how can you make it easier to find them when necessary? If this doesn't come naturally to you, ask your Operations Team for help and advice.

  1. Talk to Other Franchisees

One of the best things about choosing a Mrs. Fields franchise is the networking among franchise owners. While getting advice from professionals on the Operations Team is key, it's also important to listen to other franchise owners.

Learn from their mistakes and imitate their successes. When you don't have to re-invent the wheel, you save time and money on your journey to owning your own business.

  1. Put in the Time Early

Many people consider buying a franchise in order to become their own boss. They're tired of being pushed around, tired of insignificant raises no matter how hard they work, and tired of being denied vacation time when they need it. But don't forget that the success of your business will, in some ways, be directly tied to your early efforts.

Instead of watching all your hard work slip away, benefitting someone else, you're free to enjoy tangible benefits tied directly to how much effort you put in. You benefit from your work, not someone else. The more effort you put in at the beginning, the more smoothly things will run and the more you can expect to achieve from your franchise.

Learn More and Get Started

Opening a franchise with a well-established name like Mrs. Fields is a step towards owning your own future. While opening a franchise doesn't eliminate every bit of risk associated with opening a business, it offers you a proven model to build on. Visit Mrs. Fields today and see how a franchise with this beloved cookie brand can help you achieve your dream of owning your own business.

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