5 Reasons To Consider a Franchise

5 Reasons To Consider a Franchise

Nov 12, 2019admin

Everybody is always on the lookout for an investment opportunity. The volatility of the stock market and the inherent instability of currencies make finding a safe investment a difficult proposition. If you are too conservative with your money, you risk a long-term loss by not keeping up with inflation, and if you are too aggressive, you risk losing your cash in a market crash. The problem with external investments is that you lose control and get battered by the whims of the global market. Owning a franchise allows you to back your money with a solid brand.

The Benefits of Owning a Franchise

A franchise is an interesting investment opportunity to consider. Owning a franchise is like joining up with a business partner with a proven track record. Mrs. Fields established in the U.S in 1977. The business has had more than 40 years to perfect and streamline their operating procedures to ensure that every franchise operating under the brand name has the greatest opportunity. Becoming part of a franchise allows you to have instant credibility and eliminates much of the foundational work of starting a business from scratch.

An Established and Proven System

Opening a business is a dream shared by many people. However, once you get past the honeymoon stage of any new venture, you realise there are a lot of questions and a lot of hard work awaiting you. Anyone who considers opening a franchise has an entrepreneurial spirit. Partnering with an established name like Mrs. Fields allows you to focus on the critical day-to-day operations, secure in your knowledge that the macroscopic brand considerations are in good hands.

There is still a learning curve to starting a franchise, but it is a much gentler slope than starting a new business. You'll have access to quality advice on a number of topics relating to your venture.

Low Risk

The best part of owning a franchise is that you are making an investment in yourself. You know how to work, and you will have access to all the accounting.

Marketing and Location Assistance

Part of having an established brand is that the brand does not like to see its locations fail. A franchise gives you the opportunity to hear expert opinion on the locations and recommendations that help give the best chance of success. For any business, marketing represents a huge expense that doesn't necessarily bring in the desired results. With a franchise, you know that the marketing put in place to support you takes advantage of digital marketing strategies that are employed on a nationwide scale. You simply cannot get the exposure working alone that you're able to achieve when partnered with a franchise.

Training Programs

Whether you have a business degree, or you've learned everything you know simply through experience, the one thing that's certain is that the global market will always evolve. Education is critical, but it's not efficient or cost-effective to spend all your time at school. A good franchise will keep you up to date on modern strategies and provide consultation for areas where you could use some help.

A Tremendous Opportunity with Mrs. Fields

It's true that a franchise entails different costs than you would encounter if you began your own business. However, keep in mind that franchise fees are fees that you would still have to pay for things like marketing and professional services. Economies of scale suggest that paying a small fee to enjoy the benefit of a national marketing campaign is more efficient than devising, implementing, and funding a small, local campaign.

Mrs. Fields offers some tremendous programs to make them an even more enticing partner. They currently offer no initial franchise fee, which represents a saving of $35,000. Also, any franchisees who open their brand new Mrs. Fields store will not have to pay royalties for the first year. These exciting opportunities allow you a whole year to get started and find your footing. The franchise fee savings alone is enough to ensure that your first year of operations will help contribute to the establishment of your business.

Your Franchise, Your Future

Imagine waking up in the morning, putting on your clothing, getting in your car, and heading down to the local Mrs. Fields. As you sit there, enjoying a steaming cup of delicious coffee, wouldn't it be nice to sit back and reflect, "I own this establishment." You can use your franchise as a gathering point for local mum groups. By partnering with a franchise, you can put in place a tried-and-true system that comes with decades of market experience.

Starting up a business on your own can be a daunting proposition. A franchise saves you the stress of having to invent a market strategy completely from scratch. Contact Mrs. Fields to discuss how you can begin the process of opening up your own Mrs. Fields franchise today.

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