The Mrs. Fields Franchise Story

The Mrs. Fields Franchise Story

Nov 12, 2019admin

It's 1977 in Palo Alto, California and Debbi Fields has an unyielding passion that will not let her rest. She is a mother, and her dream is a humble one - make the best oven-fresh soft-baked cookies. Despite having no business experience, Debbi Fields manages to launch a bakery that defies all odds. Fourty years after that first successful bakery, Debbi's secret recipe made with premium ingredients can now be found in over 300 Mrs.. Fields bakeries across the globe - and you can be part of the Mrs. Fields success, too.

Mrs. Fields Says Good Enough Never Is

Mrs. Fields has ample opportunity and a successful track record for franchising. The easy 7 step process to owning a Mrs. Fields franchise starts with an application, takes you through specialised training, and continuously offers you support as you run your business. For Mrs. Fields, the success of your franchise is everything.

Franchising in Australia

"Good Enough Never Is", the Mrs. Fields motto, is all about a never-ending dedication to baked perfection. Is the cookie already good? Mrs. Fields can and will make it even better. Every new batch is better than the last - and that includes franchising. In Australia alone, there are over 40 Mrs. Fields bakery franchises, but that doesn't mean that there isn't room for you to make your mark with a franchise.

While all franchises share the Mrs. Fields secret recipes, each Mrs. Fields bakery is unique in its own way. The specialised Mrs. Fields franchise training you complete will help you break into your local market and make a name for your bakery. Every Mrs. Fields franchise is unique because of what each franchise owner brings to the table - whether that's a unique personality or an untamed passion for baking. Mrs. Fields is there to support you every step of the way.

How To Become A Franchisee In Australia

Want to know how to become a Mrs. Fields franchisee in Australia? Here's some insight into how becoming a franchise owner works.

The Application

To become a Mrs. Fields franchisee, you first must fill out an application that will collect all your basic information and work experience, just like any other job application. Mrs. Fields is looking for people with passion, leadership skills, excellent communication skills, and great customer service. Having specific experience in the hospitality or customer service industry isn't a must, but Mrs. Fields does prefer to see owner-operators be the hands-on type - just like Debbi Fields back in the day.

The Franchise Agreement

If your application is approved, then that means you are ready to move on to the next step - the franchise agreement. You can think of the franchise agreement as a document that grants you the rights to use the Mrs. Fields systems. For most, this agreement paired with the initial site lease lasts for 5 to 7 years. At the end of this term, if you've done well, you will be offered a renewal.

The Store

Mrs. Fields wants you to be successful, and they are willing to help make sure that happens. With over 30 years of franchising experience in Australia, Mrs. Fields will work with you to select the best available location for your store, negotiate the store lease agreement with you, and put you in touch with financing resources should you need assistance.

The Training

We call this the fun part - it's where you get to learn all the Mrs. Fields trade secrets after all the paperwork has been done. Training includes a three day Mrs. Fields Master Class, which outlines all the best practices for running a Mrs. Fields bakery, a week-long crash course at the Mrs. Fields Coffee & Baking, and an intensive two-weeks of in-store training at a local Mrs. Fields franchise. Training for Mrs. Fields requires a full three weeks.

The Support

Even after your training is done and you've become a franchisee, Mrs. Fields offers support to assist you in your business. This includes ongoing support from the Frachise Support Manager assigned to your store, and, Marketing and Advertising programs to ease you through the first 12 months of being a franchisee. Mrs. Fields also offers ongoing training and support throughout your time as a franchisee. There are many resources available to help you run your dream business.

Mrs. Fields Bakeries Are The Best

Chances are, if you're looking into how to become a franchisee, then you've probably been to a Mrs. Fields bakery and have been impressed by the premium quality of the menu. And make no mistake about it - the Mrs. Fields menu is a very special part of the Mrs. Fields success story.

The Menu

Over the years, Mrs. Fields bakeries have expanded beyond only selling cookies. The Mrs. Fields menu now includes bite-sized nibblers, Aussie biscuits, brownies, muffins, tarts, toasts, and breads. The menu also hosts a selection of hot and cold beverages including our award winning coffee and premium frappes, plus cookie cakes which can be custom ordered for every occasion. Mrs. Fields has even expanded their menu to a full range including savoury items, such as gourmet toasties, pies, sausage rolls, croissants and more as the savoury items vary from store to store.

As you can see, Mrs. Fields bakeries are there for their customers any time of day - breakfast, lunch and morning & afternoon tea.

Moments Made Better with Mrs. Fields

If you have a passion for brightening someone's day, then becoming a franchisee with Mrs. Fields bakery is an excellent way to achieve your dream of owning your own business. Mrs. Fields believes that every moment can be made better with the right cookie - and as a franchisee, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you've improved someone's day.

Interested in joining the Mrs. Fields Bakery Cafe in Australia? Claim a free 60-minute franchise strategy consultation today!

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