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Mrs. Fields Bakery Café  is a well-rounded business model, with a range of easy to prepare products, designed to meet our customers’ demands, across the entire day, from early morning, breakfast, lunch – to a late night treat. Apart from a great range of unique products, exclusive to Mrs. Fields, other benefits include:

  • Easy preparation and serving procedures, ensuring ease to on- train your team
  • No early starts – you only need around an hour to get ready for your first customer
  • Low investment costs – compared to most of our competitors
  • Strong, well established brand with excellent ongoing support.

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Adelaide's Best Café for Sale with Mrs. Fields

Since 1977 we have been committed to providing the best products, customer care and business prospects for employees and aspiring entrepreneurs. Our expansion from the US to international waters has allowed us to offer traders the opportunity to start a business of their own through us.

We have become one of the top franchising opportunities in Australia and can help you find the best café for sale in Adelaide that will put you on the road to success.

How Do You Buy a Café For Sale in Adelaide Through Mrs. Fields?

As we want to offer as many people as possible the opportunity to start a franchise with us we created an easy 7-step program that will allow you to set-up your business much faster than any other franchising opportunity.

Our seven-step program includes:

  • Getting to Know You
  • Getting to Know Us
  • Getting Serious
  • Making the Commitment
  • Preparing for Success
  • Fire Up the Oven
  • How Much Dough?

All these steps are easy to follow and our company will be with you for every stage of your application. Our continued support throughout your business endeavour will ensure that you get the franchise you’ve always dreamed of.

The Disadvantages of Starting a Business By Yourself

Franchising is a brilliant opportunity for many business owners and first time buyers looking to invest in their future.

Franchising is far safer than starting a business by yourself for a multitude of reasons, such as:

  • Financing. When you’re starting your own business you may find that it is much harder to receive adequate financing for your business. Sometimes you may receive little to no investment from lenders and banks simply because they’re not sure they can get their money back. Investing in a new business is incredibly risky but when you franchise with us you’re more likely to receive your required funding because of our company’s success.
  • Lack of Support. Starting a business yourself means you’re completely alone regarding best practices and gaining industry knowledge. When you purchase a café franchise for sale through us you’ll receive an extraordinary level of support and training to ensure your store is a success.
  • No Established Brand or Reputation. We have a large level of customer retention, as our clients trust our brand, meaning they’re more likely to return. When you’re starting out by yourself you have to start from the ground up, therefore you’re less likely to have the necessary customer base to ensure your establishment makes a profit.

Contact Our Team About a Café for Sale in Adelaide for You

If you would like to find out more about our franchising opportunities and how to buy a café for sale in Adelaide through us then contact us today.

You can call or send an online enquiry and one of our knowledgeable staff members will try to answer your query as soon as possible.

Stop Dreaming and Start Doing. Own Your Own Cafe Business Now

Get your dream off the ground with the best franchise for sale in Adelaide! If you have always imagined starting something on your own and you happen to be particularly fond of the bakery or café market, then boy do we have a proposal for you. Mrs. Fields Bakery Café is one of the great franchise opportunities in Australia for those looking to get their business up and running.

By now you know that we make delectable sweet treats that people all over the world love. We were launched by the much-revered Debbi Fields in the United States of America, and we can’t imagine that even she could have seen the heights to which the business has soared and the corner of the globe that the brand has become hugely popular in.

The thing is, when you taste a sweet treat from Mrs. Fields Bakery Café, you immediately want the next one. Mrs. Fields Bakery Café has safeguarded the secret recipe for our delightful ware for many decades, and the muffins, cookies and other sweet treats and savouries have exponentially grown in popularity in Australia.

The Best Franchise For Sale For Driven Go-Getters in Adelaide

If you live in Adelaide or are thinking about relocating there, then we have a franchise business for you that isn’t just a proven success but one where we are all part of a much bigger franchisee family.

If you are a driven, passionate person that would be proud to be a brand ambassador for Mrs. Fields Bakery Café, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to open up a business of your own.

Our franchise opportunities in Adelaide are amazing, once in a lifetime chance for hard-working entrepreneurs to own their own bakery or café.

Why is Mrs. Fields Bakery Café the Sweetest Franchise For Sale In Town?

People that are starting up their own business generally have a few options to choose from, but the main two are between:

  1. Going at it independently: This requires you to start your own business from the very bottom; this usually means that you will have to spend money on advertising to get your brand awareness where it needs to be, and you also have to develop a customer base. You’ll have to do product testing until you find perfection and then find the perfect packaging for these products; you’ll write things, signs things, register the company and sort out all the health and safety legalities. That’s just the start… and you still have a pretty big chance of failing within the first three years, like 60% of all small Australian businesses or…
  2. You could invest in a tried and tested franchise business that will set you up. By becoming part of the Fields Bakery Café business, you are investing in a well-known, established brand that has been selling amazing products around the world for decades. We come with our own customer base, a brand awareness and perfect products that people already love.

So, if you’re looking for the best franchise for sale in Adelaide then look no further! Download our info kit and fill out our application form and we’ll get hold of you ASAP. Otherwise, please feel free to give us a call directly - we’d love to hear from you.

Mrs. Fields offering opportunities to purchase cafe for sale in all major cities of Australia including Victoria, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Queensland & South Australia. If you need more information about our franchise sale opportunities, Contact us online or Call us at (+61) 2 9472 8555.

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Franchise FAQ's

Why a Mrs Fields Franchise?

  • No early start – easy preparation

  • Low investment costs

  • Strong, well established brand

  • Excellent ongoing support