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Mrs. Fields Bakery Café  is a well-rounded business model, with a range of easy to prepare products, designed to meet our customers’ demands, across the entire day, from early morning, breakfast, lunch – to a late night treat. Apart from a great range of unique products, exclusive to Mrs. Fields, other benefits include:

  • Easy preparation and serving procedures, ensuring ease to on- train your team
  • No early starts – you only need around an hour to get ready for your first customer
  • Low investment costs – compared to most of our competitors
  • Strong, well established brand with excellent ongoing support.

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Welcome to Mrs. Fields and Our Wonderful Café Business for Sale

Mrs. Fields was originally established by Debbie Fields in 1977 and has since spread across America and beyond. Although Mrs. Fields originally operated in California, there are now opportunities to start franchising in Australia due to the company’s global success.

Mrs. Fields is dedicated to delivering uncompromising perfection when it comes to products, customer care and franchising opportunities. So, if you’re looking for a cafe for sale in South Australia and want a slice of Mrs. Fields’ success, there is no better time to look into franchising than right now.

Our Cafe Franchise Opportunities and How They Work

Any independent business owner who is seeking a café business for sale in South Australia can have the opportunity to start a franchise with us. We wanted to enable small business owners and first-time buyers to have the chance to own an establishment with less risk and less hassle.

We have created a simple 7-step system that will have your new franchise up and running in no time at all. These steps consist of:

  • Getting to Know You
  • Getting to Know Us
  • Getting Serious
  • Making the Commitment
  • Preparing for Success
  • Fire Up the Oven
  • How Much Dough?

Every step to our franchising process is simple and easy to follow, meaning everyone has the opportunity to own their own business without having to battle through complicated processing systems.

What Are the Benefits of Starting a Cafe Franchise

Franchising with us is a great way to gain more knowledge about the business industry while investing in your own future. You can purchase a café for sale through us and start creating a business that you’re proud of.

There are many other reasons why franchising is a fantastic option for prospective entrepreneurs such as:

  • Remain Independent. Your business is your own once you purchase a café for sale in South Australia from us. You’ll be able to run your store your own way and get to control how your establishment operates. Our franchising possibilities give you a greater level of freedom while still offering a high level of support.
  • Extensive Training. We can help you find your feet within the industry as well as giving you an incredible amount of freedom to run your bakery the way you please. Our training program will tell you everything from store procedures to HR management for your establishment. Even if it is your first time our course is incredibly compressive and will teach you everything you need to know.
  • Easier to Secure Financing. As we’re a known and well-established brand many external financiers will be more confident in funding your franchise. This means you’re more likely to get your business off the ground and approved faster than if you go at it alone.

Contact Us About Our Café for Sale in South Australia Franchise Opportunities

You can contact us through our site or give us a call about any queries you have about our franchising opportunities. A helpful and knowledgeable team member will answer your queries as soon as possible for you.

The Support of Our Brand

If you’re looking for a café for sale South Australia residents will love, you are in the right place.

We have grown to become a household name after launching our business in 1977. Our products and quality mean that our customers can rest assured they get a predictable and quality experience each time they visit one of our locations. This means that your business will already be off to a flying start once you open your doors!

You also receive all of the support from us that you need to help your business thrive. You’ll find all of the support and training that you need to become a confident and capable franchise owner!

Australian History

We are very proud of our success in Australia and we believe that it’s one of the reasons our business is respected among Australians. If you’re looking for a café business for sale South Australia you will identify with, you’ve found it.

Our flagship café was launched way back in 1977. In the decades since we have grown steadily and sustainably, growing to become a household name for many Australians. We are proudly tied to Australia’s identity and very proud of that.

Beloved Items

Of course, without our tasty treats, our business wouldn’t even be here! Our business has grown on the back of the success of our treats. We are very proud to offer a range of high-quality products that serve our customers throughout the day. Our customers know that our range of products can keep them nourished and energised whether it’s the morning, day or evening.

Our cookies are legendary, containing more chocolate than flour! Made with high-quality ingredients, they are baked fresh each day to give our customers the best that they deserve. If you are passionate about serving people and ensuring that they have a great dining experience, then you will be right at home with us.

Be your own boss

If you’re looking for a café franchise for sale where you can be your own boss you’ve found it. A franchise model is a great way to to run a business and get lots of support. Having your own business allows you flexibility and control over when you work and what tasks you do and delegate.

Mrs. Fields also offering opportunities to purchase a cafe for sale in other major cities of Australia including Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Victoria, Perth, SydneyQueensland. If you need more information about our franchise sale opportunities, Contact us online or Call us at (+61) 2 9472 8555.

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Franchise FAQ's

Why a Mrs Fields Franchise?

  • No early start – easy preparation

  • Low investment costs

  • Strong, well established brand

  • Excellent ongoing support