Mrs. Fields Rewards FAQs

Below are your frequently asked Questions (FAQ’S)
For more comprehensive detail please check the full set of Terms & Conditions on

1. I have my new card – what’s in it for me?
You’ll love your new Mrs. Fields Rewards Card because you’ll get:
Every 6th coffee free – as long as you purchase 5 full price coffees and swipe your card each time … then your 6th one will be free!
But wait there’s more!
You will also earn points on all your other purchases.
Mrs. Fields Rewards Members earn points at the rate of 10 points per $1 spent or part thereof spent on food, drinks, gifts and Cookie Cakes & Cards EXCEPT hot coffee* purchases on their Mrs. Fields Rewards account.
Hot Coffee* purchases earn rewards toward free Coffee* and do not earn actual reward points as well.

2. What can I get with my points?
Every time you reach 400 points you are then eligible for a free Signature Soft Baked Cookie or free small Coffee* but only once you’ve registered your card.

3. How do I register my card?
Simply click onto the Mrs. Fields Rewards tab on our website and follow the prompts entering your membership number and verification number.

4. I’ve spent up big and have a free coffee reward already, can I redeem straight away?
As long as you have registered your card then sure, enjoy your rewards – you’ve earned them! If you haven’t registered see point 3.

5. Does ‘coffee’ mean ‘coffee only’?
When we say coffee we actually mean hot coffees, teas & hot chocolates. Chai and mochas may incur an extra charge.

6. What size free coffee do I get?
It’s a small coffee or tea or hot chocolate.

7. What happens if I buy a Cookie & Coffee Combo?
Any of our discounted combos including a Coffee will be added toward your reward points accumulation.

8. What if I lose my card?
Pop into your favourite Mrs. Fields store tell them you’ve lost your card, they’ll give you a brand new one – (it must be a brand new card and never scanned) then log into the Mrs. Fields Rewards site with your email address and then register your new card number.

9. Do Freebie vouchers, Entertainment Book vouchers and other offers earn me points?
Sorry when you’re getting a great discount like a “buy one, get one free” then we don’t allocate reward points

10. Can you explain what my Birthday treat is?
On your actual birthday take your card along with some photo identification and we’ll celebrate with you!
By giving you a Free Birthday Cookie!

Your free cookie is a Mrs. Fields Signature Soft Baked Cookie only and does not include decorated cookies nor Cookie Cakes and Cookie Cards.
And no sorry it's not transferable, nor redeemable for cash and it can be redeemed within 7 days before or after the birthday that is shown on your ID.

11. Do my points expire?
You’ve got 3 years to redeem your free coffees and rewards – otherwise yes they will expire sorry.

If you need further clarification please refer to our full list of terms & conditions on or phone the Cookie Support Office on 02 9472 8555 during business hours.